Ajisen Ramen


Just to let you know, this is not experience speaking, but anticipation (now that’s formal) itself:

A friend told me that the ramen there is great, and though it’s originally japan-based and he knew it from Osaka, they luckily opened several eateries in Shanghai (86 to be exact). At the same time, I found a blog called ramenramenramen that reviews, well, ramen, they stole some of my optimism, but the good thing is: they reviewed an Ajisen Ramen in Irvine, CA, c’est-à-dire far away from Shanghai. Looking forward to a noodle-slurping-session there. Nom.


For all flickr- and Google Earth addicts, there is a wonderful site where you can surf all over the world to see locally tagged pictures of your beloved venue. The more you get into detail, the more specific pictures you will see. It might not be absolutely correct, since I’m not sure whether you can remember where exactly you shot your pic of a Mormosa in Taiwan’s inner forest… anyway, the site offers a bunch of different views for your sighted place. See the facets of Shanghai here!