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Several weeks ago, I had this culinary delight as dessert in a thin consistency version (wrote about it here). The starch pearls which I only knew as “sago” so far (tapioca is much more widespread today as it seems) didn’t stop to rankle my sweet tooth and I decided to do my own cooking. So […]



Yesterday evening, I tried “Bibimbap”, a traditional Korean dish for the first time. We went two times to a Korean or Asian Fusion Restaurant in Little Korea, New York, but both times I had soup since it was so delicious (a huge bowl of hot Seafood / Chicken soup). Bibimbap anyway is actually a mixed […]

Recently, Chinese Restaurant “Lotus” which had so far à-la-carte menus only reopened with a Kaiten Running Board. This saturday evening, my boyfriend and I tried it and were enthused and absolutely STUFFED after one and a half hour of nom nom. A wide range of dishes passed by, from cucumber sticks, soup, steamed veggie spring […]

2 °C (36 °F) in the morning and I just found the perfect defense against it – Jasmine Tea, 茉莉花茶,pinyin: mòlì huāchá, coming from Jasminum, Persian yasmin, i.e. “gift from God”, a delicious tea for these days. I bought 100g for 4,50 € (45 RMB) from a local tea shop (sort is called “chiung tao”, […]

Ajisen Ramen


Just to let you know, this is not experience speaking, but anticipation (now that’s formal) itself: A friend told me that the ramen there is great, and though it’s originally japan-based and he knew it from Osaka, they luckily opened several eateries in Shanghai (86 to be exact). At the same time, I found a […]