你好 and welcome to my recently set up blog!

Om nom nomI’m Elisa, 爱丽莎 [pinyin: Aì lí shā]. The box to your right gives a pretty good first précis about me. The picture to your left shows me in a typical pose, nomming something *ahem*. Yea, I’m a foodie.

What will this be all about? Finally graduating in June 2010, I will spend one year in the Megalopolis of Shanghai from August on. All the preps already affect my life. I’ll blog about my daily life, Shanghai’s nightlife and weekends away from the city, post my photos and let you know what’s happening in a 20-million people city.

Why minhang.wordpress.com? The site’s URL is called minhang.wordpress.com since this will be the district of Shanghai I’m living in: It is located south of the main city center districts and has a rather chilled population density of 2 021 people per km² (just compare it to 56 785 people per km² in Nanshi or 54 868 people per km² and growing in Hangpu). I also hope that I can bring up some coverage on the dristrict’s local happenings and highlights.

If I could label my blog, I’d probably tag it as:

asia fanatic, geeky, girly, started to be vegetarian, passionate amateur photographer equipped with a Canon EOS 500D, escapist, travel enthusiast, somehow expat student, gadgets, cats, coffee and liquorice

Feel free to contact me. And – I heart comments.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Die Geschichte mit dem Kätzchen ist ja putzig!

  2. 博主是个美女啊!呵呵!

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