[Easy Asian Cuisine] Coconut Tapioca Pudding

Several weeks ago, I had this culinary delight as dessert in a thin consistency version (wrote about it here). The starch pearls which I only knew as “sago” so far (tapioca is much more widespread today as it seems) didn’t stop to rankle my sweet tooth and I decided to do my own cooking.

So here’s what you need (I promise it’s the simplest recipe you will ever ever read):

Tapioca Pearls, Sugar, Coconut Milk (I took the cream-like with ~10% fat), Water

#1 Bring the water to a boil. Gradually stir in the tapioca (stirring frequently especially on the bottom of the pan) until the tapioca pearls become softer and have a white dot in their center (about 15 min)
#2 Pour off the tapioca-water through a fine sieve just like noodlewater and put the tapioca pearls back into the pot
#3 Now gradually add the coconut milk (for 50g dry tapioca about 100g coconut milk and so on) and stir
#4 Add tons of sugar (always test until it’s sweet enough…) and boil everything up
#5 If it’s winter, put the whole pot onto your terrace or similar ;), if it’s not winter, be happy and let the pot cool down. Then put it into the fridge for about 2 hours.
#6 Tatatataaa!

Don’t be too concerned about the consistency of the dessert. I made some pudding but I’ve also already eaten it as some kind of cold soup, which was delicious too. If it’s too creamy, add some cow milk or water, if it’s too thin, you might cook some additional tapioca or freeze it.

If you want it extra yummy, top it with some fresh fruit; banana, pineapple and everything that you like together with coconut goes well with it.

Additionally some random information on Tapioca Pudding:

    … Pearl tapioca is the widespread commercial form of tapioca starch which is extracted from the root of cassava, a plant species native to the Amazon, Brazil.

      … it is often used as thickening agent

    gluten free and nearly protein free

      … the pearls are also called “fish eggs” while it is often called “Fischaugen” (literally “fisheyes”) in Germany

    … it is very popular in Asia, especially Vietnam, China and Hong Kong (“Sai ma lo”)

      … the coconut milk pudding is great for lactose intolerant people

    … tapioca or sago as big pearls are these dots used in bubble tea, so now you know what they’re made of, all natural 🙂

Speaking of, a bubble tea joint I can really recommend (if you live in or if you’re going to visit New York City) is VIVI Bubble Tea at 49 Bayard St, Chinatown (cheap, wide range of bubble tea sorts and soooo yummy…). I can’t wait to sip Bubble Tea in China! Sip blop blop.

Sip blop blop. Anyway, not to forget: Enjoy your easy-peasy coconut tapioca pudding and enjoy what’s left of the weekend!


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