Yesterday evening, I tried “Bibimbap”, a traditional Korean dish for the first time. We went two times to a Korean or Asian Fusion Restaurant in Little Korea, New York, but both times I had soup since it was so delicious (a huge bowl of hot Seafood / Chicken soup).
Bibimbap anyway is actually a mixed rish dish and that’s what it means literally, too. So I got a huge bowl of rice topped with any kinds of salad (yip, salad, not veggies) and you get a mix of hot rice and cold salad (fresh cucumber, soybeans, lettuce, cabbage) topped with some slices of roasted beef and fried egg. In addition to that, you get a bowl with some red chili paste called “gochujang” – it was intended to be hot, but mine was mild and tasted like some sort of tomato-pepper-paste with sesame… maybe some Korean style ketchup or whatever. To it, a soup that turned out to be the most delicious soup ever was served. It was some kind of beef broth with sesame seeds and algae and, simultaneously, the first time ever that I liked something with algae (besides sushi with nori) and that it did not taste like some week old fish.

Photo via flickr. Unfortunately my bibimbap wasn’t this “versatile” (I would have loved mushrooms!) – (and pretty expensive: 14 € or 140 RMB for rice with salad + small soup… alright… … NOT)

The kind waitress even showed how to eat bibimbap since I started to pick single cucumber sticks and rice balls out of the bowl… which was terribly wrong. So I sat there like a Kindergarten child and watched the waitress stirring my bibimbap with tons of chili paste, getting a bowl of chaos with qiān ingredients all mixed up. It was really delicious and also had the typical Korean kimchi-roast-whatever taste I remembered from the restaurant in NY (there it had been my and my boyfriend’s first time ever to try Korean food – unintendedly, since we just went into this restaurant because it was the only affordable one in Korea Way. Tourned out to be Zagat and TONY rated … and was a great joint to visit with our Korean roommate again!).

Not to forget and speaking of our Korean friend that really enjoyed beer drinking with us… – we had so called OB Korean Beer (in Germany, o.b. is a tampon brand, – I know why this beer is not that often imported) to drink. It was very sweet (enriched with glucose syrup…) and like, you know, pleasant to the taste… mmh. Here’s the link to the OB Website (in Korean):

So much for now.
Will hold my last of three required presentations tomorrow (in: Geography on: Tokyo). Jia you!

Zai jian, Elisa


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