Dîner @ »Kaiten« Running Board

Recently, Chinese Restaurant “Lotus” which had so far à-la-carte menus only reopened with a Kaiten Running Board. This saturday evening, my boyfriend and I tried it and were enthused and absolutely STUFFED after one and a half hour of nom nom.

A wide range of dishes passed by, from cucumber sticks, soup, steamed veggie spring rolls and other starters, maki-sushi, nigiri-sushi, veggie futo-maki of all kinds to warm plates with sweet-sour pork, chicken with sautéed broccoli and mushrooms, pan-fried sweet beef, steamed dum sim and pale jiǎozi, both with meat and vegetarian soy stuffing, delicious roasted duck breast on bean sprouts (I noticed anise… mmh), grilled scampis, fried scampis, shrimp tempura, aioli mussels, and not to forget wooden bowls of veggie rice, pure rice, fried noodles… from time to time, never-seen-before dishes like fried sushi made their way… well, interesting :). Everything was presented and tasted great. What the heck do they NOT have??? The only thing I missed was a clear soup, for example miso soup, but hey, this is a Chinese not a Japanese restaurant and if they don’t have it it’s absolutely alright.

Thereto we both had imported Qingdao (Tsingtao) beer and really enjoyed it. And as if that wasn’t enough, a bunch of desserts entered the kaiten: Jell-O, fresh fruit, panna cotta with caramel, strawberry or chocolate topping, ice cream, fried banana, vanilla-chocolate cream and my favorite of all times, some cold refreshing coconut soup with sago bubbles, I loved it and couldn’t even resist to eat two bowls of it… Oh yeah, and there was a slightly damaged tangerine that no one seemed to want to have that passed us about six or seven times and we started to hum epic hymns everytime it passed… cute, sad? Dunno… comedy of the situation 😀
The empty plates piled up on our table and we were freakin stuffed in the end.
I really liked the Kaiten Running Board concept and the range of different dishes. My favorites were definitely the fresh veggies with fruity dips, nigiri-sushi, the wooden bowls of fried rice with all sorts of veggies and not to forget, the divine bubble dessert. My boyfriend was more into warm dishes like the pan-fried beef and duck breast.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me, but I found some ok pictures of the running board:

Of course we ate with chopsticks (always in proper style) :).

I am thrilled what jiaozi taste like authentically in Shanghai. They better be better 😀

It was a very nice evening and a running board delivering fresh food bit by bit is a cool dinner concept.
So, now it’s time for rating!

I’ll split it up in starters, main course, dessert, service and athmosphere. In fact this is already a test post of a restaurant rating – I want to do tons of them once I’m in Shanghai :).

Starters: out of
Pro: Fresh veggies. Critique: Only one kind of soup was served (Beijing soup)

Main course(s): 4 out of 5
Pro: Variety. Critique: Dim sum / Jiaozi fair, but not more than that.

Dessert: 5 out of 5 !!!
Pro: Coconut-sago-dessert

Athmosphere: out of 5
Pro: Simple, still all new. Critique: Could be a bit cleaner.

Finally: Dadadadaaaa…. Passed! Recommended! Peachy eatery!

Got hungry? Location @ GoogleMaps


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