An Ode to 茉莉花茶

2 °C (36 °F) in the morning and I just found the perfect defense against it – Jasmine Tea, 茉莉花茶,pinyin: mòlì huāchá, coming from Jasminum, Persian yasmin, i.e. “gift from God”, a delicious tea for these days. I bought 100g for 4,50 € (45 RMB) from a local tea shop (sort is called “chiung tao”, but I guess that’s a fantasy name, from Benny’s Teeladen in Loerrach) that has, besides my every-day-version of it, some more sophisticated jasmine blends in stock. They scent wonderful, but are way too pricy for me: 18 € per 100g, means 180 RMB per 100g and due to that probably better suited for a nice little present.
Now I have dried jasmine flowers, but in an asian-fusion restaurant in Little Korea (Korea Way), NY, it appeared like this:

Artsy, even the tea, since we were in NYC. (A rhyme!) Confusing if you’ve never seen it before… 🙂
And to keep the beautiful China in mind, a jasmine flower by a chinese painter of the 12th century:
The flavour is subtly sweet, mild and somehow rose-like. The scent is floral and fragrant. It has usually a green- or white tea base and the jasmine flowers as an addition to it. In China, it first came up during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). They knew what’s good.

To learn about the benefits of Jasmine Tea, see this motivating list: “5 Reasons Why It Is A Healthy Beverage”.

So, now I will enjoy my cuppa jasmine tea and , literally, warmly recommend it to you to have one aswell!

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